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Cafe & Restaurant de Paris

Run by the lovely couple Laurent and Tui, Cafe de Paris has now been open for just a few weeks. A touch off the beaten track, they have not yet been noticed by the crowds.

cafe de Paris2However they are well worth finding as they have dishes to suit both every palate and every budget. With Thai one plate dishes starting at just 55 baht right up to Rib Eye steaks with green pepper sauce running in at 350 baht, a full range of options to please whatever takes your financial fancy is present. French classics such as Croque Monsiuer and Croque Madame (grilled sandwiches with melted emmental cheese) are under 100 baht. A number of very large salads including Nichoise (salad with sliced boiled egg and flaked tuna) make up part of an extensive menu.

Pasta's including linguini Carbonara and Bolgnaise add an Italian touch. A large feature of French cooking is the specialty chef's sauces. Cafe and Restaurant De Paris (to give it its full name) is no exception. Sauces ranging from a green pepper sauce on steaks, creamy mushroom (Parisiene) on pork and chicken, and finally  buerre blanc (butter and white wine sauce) on salmon and white perch, clearly signify the Frenchness of this venue.

cafe de Paris3Having vast experience, Laurent has worked in the restaurant trade for over sixteen years in Paris. Tui, Laurent's wife, lived in Paris for seventeen years and so speaks fluent French. Her English is excellent also. A large decking area provides fresh air outdoor seating. Being set back from the road, thankfully the traffic doesn't interfere with too much noise. Sporting action and even French television, if you so wish, are shown on a large flat screen T.V. Drinks wise an interesting selection of soft drinks contain, what are very popular  with Thai students, Oreo and Coco frappe milk shakes for only 50 baht.

Alcoholic drinks are well priced with gin at only 80 Baht and a glass of red wine is astonishingly cheap at a mere 50 Baht. Draft Singha is also available by the jug or tower.They really are not so hard to find, and with their mix of Thai and French cuisine they are well worth a visit.

Additional Info

  • Contacts and Booking:
  • Closing Day: Sunday
  • General Information: French and Italian Cuisine, Cafè
  • Opening Hours: Opening H: 10.00 A.M. - Closing H: 02.00 A.M.

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