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Bamboo Restaurant

Probably the most popular farang bar and restaurant in Buriram, Bamboo Bar has recently celebrated fourteen years of successful business.

Starting off as a small bar a decade and a half ago their clientele has have steadily grown in numbers. By providing a high quality service with brimming smiles they've won over the foreign population of Buriram. Made mostly of Bamboo (hence the name), the bar has an authentic, informal and relaxed feel. As well as foreigners, many Thai's also frequent the restaurant. Not only that, Bamboo is a highly popular retreat for the beautiful WAGS of Buriram United.

Run by a large family team, they are never short of a smile. Cousins, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives all work together to ensure your time is well spent in their bar. LA and Ae, are the two familiar, friendly faces out front that oversee the team of staff. Serving a mix of Thai and foreign cuisine, after fourteen years, they still continue to set the standard for Buriram. Alongside Thai dishes, steaks, burgers, sandwiches and breakfasts are their main stay. 

Both the English premier league and Buriram United games draw in big crowds and a party atmosphere as they have two very large flat screen T.V.'s. on which to watch the games. They show many other sports as well.

Music is a large feature of the bar and a live band plays on most nights. Regular performers Kita and Nattona make up the resident band. Being a talented guitarist Kita, also possesses a  melodious singing voice. In support, Nattona sings and provides back up with base guitar extremely well. 

Singing a mix of Thai and foreign songs, together they add a unique and very popular touch to the bar. Customers are both welcome and encouraged to get up and have a sing along for themselves. A Karaoke machine with an extensive bank of songs provides help to those unfamiliar with the words. 



Additional Info

  • Contacts and Booking: +66 0 4462 5577 - +66 08 9426 9053
  • General Information: Fish and Meat, Live Music, Bar
  • Opening Hours: Opening H: 10.00 A.M. - Closing H: 02.00 A.M.

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